The Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting

£12.99 GBP

This very easy guide opens up the wonderful world of the twisted stitches of Cable Knitting, to knitters of any ability - even complete beginners!

It is an indispensable introduction to all kinds of cable stitches, from simple mock cables to intricate bobble-textured plaits, for both cable panels, accents, and all-over repeats.

Learn the basic techniques and practise the stitches with clear instructions and step-by step photos then use your skills to make 13 specially designed projects, from giant-cable throws that stitch up quickly on large needles, to snuggly hats and scarves and more adventurous accessories and home comforts.

Each stitch pattern is featured in both written and chart form so you can get used to using either method when working from other commercial patterns. So whether you’re a knitting novice or a dab hand, cables have never been easier to make! Yay! xx

144 pages