The very Easy Guide to Fairisle Knitting

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The Very Easy Guide to Fairisle Knitting

A clear guide - an illustrated, step-by-step, guide to knitting Fair Isle—how to hold the yarns, strand across the back of the knitting, link the colours in, and weaving. Plus, flat and circular knitting.

The book contains various patterns and projects - a child’s jacket with Fair Isle yoke, a bag with leather handles, a scarf and headband; a short, boxy jacket; a fabric throw with Fair Isle panel at ends; boot
cuffs, fingerless mitts, a parker-style jacket; cushion covers; legwarmers, and a hat.

A great book for beginners. Demonstrates the basics of two-color knitting: reading a Fair Isle chart; what to do with all the fiddly yarn ends, and getting to grips with circular needles.