Wes Anderson Merino Wool Tops Inspiration Pack for Felting & Spinning

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Step into a realm of refined creativity with our latest inspiration pack, the "Wes Anderson" Merino Wool Tops Pack.

Inspired by the cinematic brilliance of Wes Anderson's films, this pack is a masterpiece in itself ;-) combining the meticulous charm of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" with the adventurous spirit of "The Life Aquatic" and the cinematic brillliance of "Asteroid City". Like "Fantastic Mr. Fox," here our Merino Wool Tops colours evoke a sense of refined sophistication, while channeling the intricate dynamics of "The Royal Tenenbaums!";-)

For those seeking a truly intellectual and captivating experience, please embark on your felting and spinning journeys akin to exploring the whimsical city-scapes of Anderson's films. Delight in the vibrant hues and luxurious textures that await you, as you create your own artistic narrative. Crikey I'm excited!

Equal amounts of Gold, Ice Queen, Teal, Cherry Red, Orange and Copper.

(total weight:100g)

Q:How much wool top will I need?

A:As a rough guide - for a very small purse bag= up to 100g ; for a small to medium sized shoulder bag = between 150-200g ; For a larger bag = 300-400g; For a pair of adult slippers = 200g