Wood Block Printing : Christmas Set x 4 blocks

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Make yourself Christmas themed Napkins, Table runners, Tabelcloths, Cushion covers, Bunting etc with our fun new Wood Block Printing blocks based on the traditional art of Wood Block Printing - but with a modern twist!

Learn the ancient art of block textile printing with our new yet traditional hand-carved wooden block sets that we have made especially for us in India. This craft is currently very much in vogue, and you'll see lots of hand blocked Indian fabrics being sold in the fashion industry right now :-) x

A bit of background and history - by buying these traditional wooden printing blocks we are supporting 20 specific block makers from Farrukhabad and Jaipur. They carve our designed blocks by hand (see pic) - a skill originating in India during the Mughal era, that has been passed down through many generations. Recently families who have traditionally relied on tourism and tours have been hard hit by the pandemic, and they rely on this trade for their incomes. When our contact reached out to me I felt like I wanted to support them and was keen to get involved and have a go!

I have chosen a mixture of traditional and more modern designs and shapes...some of them works of art in their own right and these Christmas blocks would look lovely hanging from the tree or as mantlepiece decorations after they've been used. They are lovely to have on display! :-) x

Included in this Christmas Set are 4 x traditionally carved wooden blocks, chosen by me especially for Christmas crafting :

  • 1) A Scandi Christmas Tree approx 8cm high
  • 2) A Snowflake approx 6.5cm high
  • 3) Holly leaves aopprox 6cm wide
  • 4) The Holly berries approx 2cm (that go in the middle of the leaves but can be printed in a different colour! ;-) )

These beautiful hardwood blocks are hand carved in India, and the parts that will print the design are painted white. Blocks can be washed in soap and water and left to dry naturally.

Watch my FREE YouTube tutorial about how to print textiles with these wood blocks here!

We recommend using them with our textile paints available separately HERE! They look great printed on plain fabrics or on our cotton gingham and stripe too.