How to Make the Speedy Beady Jewellery Kit including beaded Daisies

Diamonds are a girls best friend YES, but, there's something equally as enticing and lovely about wearing handmade, hand beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings, with their fun mini tassels and letter beads - especially in the summer months :-) They are put together quickly, are easy to change up and more of, and are fun & colourful - and they'll make you happy! :-) xx

The easy to make beginners Jewellery beading kit
There's LOADS in my new Speedy Beady Jewellery Kit, with plenty of beading elastic (5 metres!) a whole pack of truly magnificent collapsible beading needles (these are a must!) and lots of different coloured beads and enamel charms (flower charm, pineapple charm, cherries charm and watermelon charm) and mini neon pompoms and tassels - and fun disc beads too! You even get a whole packet of letter beads and a whole packet of heart beads included - so you can add your own words, names, and initials etc. Plus 3 x lots of our glass toho seed beads as well! :-) x
Speedy Beady Jewellery beading kit
There are enough bits and bobs to make AT LEAST one necklace, a couple of bracelets, an anklet (with cowrie shell), plus loads of rings, plus you will have quite a bit left over! Using the beading elastic negates the need for complicated closures and makes it easier to get things on and off! You can hang the mini pompoms, tassels and enamel charms using the included jump rings :-) x
How to made daisy bead jewellery
Click HERE to take a look at my fabulously FREE YouTube tutorial about how to make my Speedy Beady jewellery kit - I even show you how to make these extremely cool beaded daisies. To make a beaded daisy - all you need to do is follow my instructions carefully in the pack, and take a look at the live tutorial.
It's easy to make beaded daisy rings, beaded daisy bracelets and add a beaded daisy into your necklace too! :-)
Easy starter Beaded Jewellery Kit
This kit is a perfect starter kit for adults and older children - it even comes with some cute round heart beads too - and has lots of bright fun colours to choose from. If you make some items from the kit be sure to tag me on social media @gilliangladrag x I hope you ENJOY! xx


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