Not content with the 1023 knitted hats and scarves I own and wear, I saw this cowl pattern and had to make it! To be clear - the mention of brussel sprouts only arose once it was finished, but now that's happened I love it even more. As I do love a brussel! Knitted Brussels, but actually also roasted Brussel Sprouts. Controversial you say? Roasted yes - in the oven for 45 mins with a little olive and balsamic vinegar. The best! Best to only roast real ones though - not knitted ones. But I digress...

Mrs Moon Super Chunky Angelica Hat and Cowl

I've also been desperate to make something with the Mrs Moon Chunky in Angelica Green as it's quite literally the best colour ever - to be sure - to be sure. Luckily - if you're not quite as into it, this yarn comes in a big colour palette of gorgeousness so you can choose your fave. Click here to see the range.

Ok - here's the knitty gritty info you're going to want :

What You're Going To Need:

Cowl: This pattern is FREE (Hallelujah!) and is the Shiba Sakura Cowl by Lisa R Myers which is free on Ravelry. It says you need 150g but it took a bit less with the Mrs Moon, so there was enough left over for a hat! YAY!

Hat: This pattern is free from us if you buy the Mrs Moon Yarn from us. Please ask for it at time of purchase. (If not you would need to buy it on Ravelry.) The pattern is 'The Super Quick Hat' and is just that. I ignored all the colour work and just made it in one colour and it took about an hour! :-) We like that! :-) The only change I made was on the rib, I knitted into the back of the loop instead of the front of the loop in between each purl stitch on the rib which gives more of a plaited stitch - just a bit different.

Knitted hat and cowl in Mrs Moon Chunky

ALTERNATIVELY : An alternative to the Mrs Moon Super Chunky yarn, is to use 200g skein of my own hand dyed or house blend Holy Fluff Yarn. One of our very own Elves (Kim) knitted the same cowl using a skein of Holy Fluff in "Birdhouse in my Soul) here :

Shiba Sakura Cowl in Gilliangladrag Hand Dyed Hold Fluff Birdhouse in my soul 

Kim made it longer, doing 3 repeats of the pattern instead of 2 repeats, so she used up nearly all of the 200g. Kim knitted the cowl in one evening, but it took me a few evenings as I had to get my head around the bobbles (brussel sprouts now obvs! haha). But once you get the hang of it, it's quick and easy! :-) ENJOY! xx

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