‘It’s just a big square!’
Apologies for the selfie in my mirror but I was home alone ( well my dog Betty bou  was there but she was snoring) and I wanted to show you all!
So ...maybe you’re tired of knitting hats and scarves and snoods? You’re ready to move on - but a jumper is slightly too daunting or requires too much concentration?This is the perfect shrug pattern. It’s super easy and super warm and cosy. 

‘’One size fits all” and essentially what you are doing here is knitting a giant square! That then gets folded in half at the end and you sew up the sides and leave armholes. And that’s it! It’s sort of almost like a big loose cardigan once it’s finished. 

Knitted in our gorgeous Einrum L+2 (the heavier Aran weight of our two Einrum yarns) it grows quickly and is very straightforward.

You will need 9 balls and it’s knitted on a circular 5.5mm 80cm needle as it’s easier to keep all the stitches on it. (But it’s knitted back and forth as per straight needles.) 
I used the colour called 2002 Skólesít which is a beautiful pale grey. The silk mixed with the wool is just delightful and the yarn is very light weight despite being very warm. There are another 5 colours of the Einrum L+2 yarn  to choose from. 
It’s the perfect thing to throw over a long sleeved top and snuggle up in as the weather gets chillier, but still looks stylish and goes with anything. 

After I finished knitting this shrug I washed it (very carefully on a wool setting) with a special wool soap and then soaked it in a little bit of vinegar before it’s final rinse and spin. This softened the yarn LOADS and made it much more cosy and fuzzy. It really brings out it’s beauty. I then blocked it a little and left it to dry in shape, taking care to fold the ribbing inwards so it doesn’t roll back when I wear it. 

Here’s the pattern for you :

One Size Easy Einrum Shrug Pattern by GILLIANGLADRAG

You will need :

9  x 50g balls Einrum L+2 yarn

Circular knitting needle 5.5mm x 80cm

Wool needle for finishing

Markers x 2 or contrasting thread.



14 sts x 22 rows = 4 in. (10 cm) in Stocking stitch.

Make sure you check your gauge and adjust accordingly if it’s off! If you do less stitches to reach 4” you could switch to a 0.5mm smaller needle. If you do more, then go up 0.5mm in needle size maybe. Although - obviously this is a loose fitting shrug that starts as a square so it’s not overly important if it’s nearly the same.

It’s easiest to knit this on a Circular needle (although not essential if you prefer straights) but the circular is great for holding the large number of stitches. Work back and forth as you would on straight needles.

Shrug Pattern :

  1. Cast on 149sts using any cast on method.
  2. RIB : Knit K1, P1 until measures 2 inches (5 cm) from beginning.
  3. Main shrug : Then work in stocking stitch  (K on RS, P on WS) until it measures approx 40 inches from beginning.
  4. Then repeat rib : K1, P1 for another 2 inches (5cm).
  5. Cast off.


Fold piece in half, bringing cast-on rib edge to cast off rib edge, to measure approx 40” wide x 20” high. (102 x 51cm).

Place a marker or a piece of contrasting thread 7” down from the top fold on both sides. These two top 7” will be your armholes and must remain open! The rest of the seam on each side needs to be joined together. Mattress stitch is the best joining stitch for this as it’s barely noticeable once done. Use leftover yarn and a wool needle.

To soften : Wash carefully by hand using a wool wash with tepid water - or use a specialist wool programme on your washing machine.

Rinse / spin without agitating so as not to cause shrinkage. A small amount of vinegar in a final rinse can make the yarn even softer.

Block and shape to dry. Pay particular attention to making sure the rIbbed edge doesn’t roll outwards.

Enjoy xx 

October 27, 2019 — Gillian Harris

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