2m Netting / Net for Wet Felting 2m long x 1m wide

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Incl.VAT£4.96 GBP

2m of netting 100cm wide - This longer length of netting is perfect for making cobweb felt scarves, as it covers the full length of our large bamboo mat.

Ideally - you need netting both underneath and on top of your fibres when making cobweb felt, as it really helps to protect the fibres whilst they are felting.

If your cobweb felt scarf is narrow you can use half the width underneath and fold the other half over the top. But if you're making a wider scarf we recommend one piece underneath and another over the top (i.e. 2 separate pieces).

Simply lay the netting over your wool tops / wool fibres, to stop them moving around while you rub them together with soap and water. Once the wool underneath is properly wet through and no air remains inside, you can add more soap and then 'peel back' the netting to adjust your designs. Once you're happy, replace the net and use it to protect your fibres until they are fully felted together.

To find out more watch one of our @Gilliangladrag Youtube videos, or buy a signed copy of one of Gillian's Felting Books.