Crochet Kit : Lucky Cat Toy

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Craft Good Fortune with the Lucky Waving Cat Crochet Kit! 🐱🌟

Invite prosperity and creativity into your crochet haven with our Lucky Waving Cat Crochet Kit! This delightful kit features premium 100% cotton yarn, including touches of gold sparkly yarn for an extra sprinkle of luck and charm.

Key Features:

Premium 100% Cotton Yarn: Crafted from the softest cotton, your waving cat will be a visual delight and a joy to touch and display.

What's incuded: The finest cotton yarn to a crochet hook, yarn needle for seamless stitching, and step-by-step instructions.

Symbol of Good Luck: Craft a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, perfect for gifting or displaying in your own space.

Craft, Wave, and Invite Luck In: Experience the joy of creating a timeless toy that radiates positive energy and charm.

Stuffing not included but available separately HERE!