Drop Spindle Spinning Kit Give Us a Twirl Kit One PLUS extra 100g Glittery Unicorn Wooltops

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Learn how to use a Drop Spindle with our lovely Drop Spindle Kit : Give Us A Twirl : One

The kit contains :
50g Glittery Unicorn Wool tops - a blend of merino wools, mulberry silk and Angelina glitter Fibre. (This colour combination is DELICIOUS!)
1 x Top Whorl Wooden Drop Spindle 

1 x leader yarn
1 x instructions

Plus this bundle includes a separate EXTRA 100g of Glittery Unicorn Wool tops which is made up of: 6 different merino wools, Sparkly white angelina glitter fibres, Deep red mulberry silk tops -all blended together into one seriously delicious blend. This is enough wool tops to spin yarn for a scarf or a hat or cushion front etc.  (Save money on buying the kit and extra wool tops separately.)

Before you know it you'll be spinning your way to a ball of beautiful hand spun art yarn that you can then knit or crochet or weave. Or just STARE at! As it's sooooo beautiful! :-)

The last picture shows the sort of yarn you could learn to spin with this drop spindle set plus extra wool tops.