Gem Tac Glue

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“Gem Tac : For All Your Sticky Needs” - as seen on my live tutorials! :-) (If you know you know!)

I know it's a very dull subject (well, maybe not to some) - but this Gem Tac glue seems to take the biscuit. Designed for people who stick rhinestones onto leotards (I'm guessing) Gem Tac also makes rather a good job of sticking most things to most other things - in particular metal bits to felt and felt to felt and beading elastic to beading elastic - and so on. I use Gem Tac for most things and thoroughly recommend it!

118ml / 4 fluid ounces large size.

Gem Tac Glue is perfect for slick to porous surface applications.
• Great for bonding lace, fabrics, trims, and decorative wire to glass, ceramics, patent leather, wood, vinyl, leather, and more.
• Excellent for attaching rhinestones, gems, mirrors, pearls and other embellishments to a wide variety of materials.
• Permanent, water-based, non-toxic and washable.
• Requires only a small amount to hold; dries clear.
• Creates wonderful wearables, gifts, home décor, and can also be used for general household repairs.