Sajou Complete Sewing Set - Small

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Ok - so this little sewing box contains all manner of the most beautiful Sajou bits and pieces and is ideal to give as a gift for a first sewing set. Or just for yourself to have for mending things. (I have one and I treasure it!)
It gives a sense of pleasure every time you look at it - as the items contained within it are of GOOD QUALITY - all MADE IN FRANCE and from the wonderful company SAJOU.

This sewing box is covered with blue and white paper, and the top of the cover has a Sajou label representing a little girl and a cat playing with bobbins and balls of wool.
The box contains two trays, - the top one can be removed and has small Sajou ribbons either side for gripping.
Size of box: length, 15.5 cm - width, 12 cm - height, 5.5 cm.

It contains:

A pair of GOOD QUALITY sharp scissors, a nickel-plated thimble, a pink Sajou dressmakers' tape measure with a ring on each end, a small green seam ripper, a dressmakers' chalk, a box of 200 dressmakers' pins extra-fine, five cocoons of polyester sewing thread in pastel tones. a pink tacking thread cocoon, 15 Sajou sewing needles booklet, and finally, - three floral motif cards for ribbons or thread to be wound around.

NB: The colours of the pin box, sewing needles booklet & cards for ribbons are randomly chosen among the six existing colours.