Right Royal Cuppa Tea Cosy Wet Felting Kit

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Incl.VAT£22.15 GBP £30.79

Make this terribly British tea cosy to keep your terribly British tea warm... It includes all the ingredients to make a nice warm felt tea cosy and is adorned with special pearly queen buttons and right royal red pearls on the crown at the top - all included.

Suitable for beginners or advanced feltmakers - the instructions take you through each step, and clearly explain how to make the finished felt tea cosy from merino wool tops.

This felt kit contains all the wool tops you need, plus the plastic template and full instuctions on how to wet felt the tea cosy and the crown etc. that adorn it. It also contains a felting needle to embellish the crown, all the buttons for the heart on the front and pearls for the crown too.

The finished felt tea cosy measures APPROX 35cm high x 35cm wide including crown. (That's about 14 inches in old money)

Please note that a basic feltmaking kit (large bamboo mat and net) is required to make this tea cosy, plus soap and water!