100g Rainbow refill Wool Tops Bag for Felting & Spinning

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NEW! Rainbow Wool Tops Bag
23 micron / 64s

(*please note these new rainbow bags won’t be despatched until Wednesday 8th as we have to make some of them up. Thanks x)

approx 10g of each of the following colours in one bag :





Royal Blue

Turquoise Blue


Candy Pink



This is perfect rainbow refill wool tops pack for wet felting or needle felting a ‘Corona Virus’ RAINBOW to hang on your door or at your window.  It symbolises thanking the NHS or your health care system in your country + key workers; raises a smile; and is something for children to spot on their walk. 🌈🌈🌈

One of these packs would be enough for one large rainbow or two small ones. You will also need a bamboo mat and some netting. The live tutorial is on our Facebook feed if you scroll back and look for it. X 


How much Wool Tops will I need for my project?

Here are some rough guidelines:



For a pair of Felt Slippers or a Medium Felt Bag : Depending on size, approx 75g of 3 different colours, so buy 3 of our 100g bags in different colours for the different felted layers.


Giant Knitting / Giant Crochet:

For a Smaller regular sized cushion front : about 500g

For a Large Floor cushion front : approx 1.75kg

For a Small blanket or throw: approx 2kg

For a Medium blanket or throw : approx 3.5kg

For a Larger blanket or throw : approx 5kg