A Silkworm Kissed my Banana House Blend Wooltops for Felting & Spinning 100g

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THIS is what happens, when a silkworm kisses your banana (AND your sheep.)

A heady silky mix with a complete lack of anything yellow or curved. No - I'm not 'having a banana' - The banana fibre comes out white! (Interestingly, banana fibres comes from the young shoots of the banana plant which are harvested and processed until they become white and silky! Traditionally Banana Fibre has been used in Japan and Nepal to make clothing and fabric for many centuries!)

A sumptuous house blend of:

British Shetland
British Swaledale
Mulberry Silk Tops
and Banana Fibre

Think of it as a woolly knickerbocker glory! :-)

IDEAL for felting, drop spindling, spinning, or weaving.

100g in a bag ready for you to get stuck into.

*Warning, - you may want a lot more! :-)


If you do want to order more than 100g, please add the number you require. 

(e.g. if you need 600g, type 6 in the box below before clicking add to basket.)


If you require the wool to be in one large ball rather than split up in separate bags, then PLEASE LET US KNOW under “special instructions” when you check out! 

(e.g. if you want a kilo of wool then please buy 10 lots of 100g but tell us you want it in a kilo ball in “special instructions” at checkout.)

Q:How much wool top will I need?

A:As a rough guide - with FELTING for a very small purse bag= up to 100g ; for a small to medium sized shoulder bag = between 150-200g ; For a larger bag = 300-400g; For a pair of adult slippers = 200g

(NB In the 2nd photo this wooltop is shown alongside Angel's Delight wooltop which is available separately here!)