Knit Yourself Calm by Lynne Rowe & Betsan Corkhill

£9.99 GBP

Knitting is a relaxing and therapeutic pastime that helps manage stress and promote calm, and this winning combination is understood perfectly by experienced knitting designer Lynne Rowe and wellbeing expert and healthcare professional Betsan Corkhill. They have pooled their knowledge of pattern design and practical stress reduction techniques to create 16 projects for both novice and experienced knitters that combine the calming, repetitive nature of knitting with beautiful design.
Choose from quick and easy projects, portable ones to knit on the go, group projects to do with friends, big projects for when you have more time, and those which introduce new skills to stimulate a creative mind. Banish the stress  'fight or flight' response with therapeutic knitting and choose a creative path to manage stress.