Pattern Book for DK Creative Chic-Unique Special II

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WOW! This is the gorgeous brand new DK Creative Chic-Unique Pattern book which has lots of great patterns to knit with the new DK Chic-Unique Yarn.

There are 18 different patterns over 48 pages with projects from super easy to slightly more experienced. 10 projects are marked as easy (the rest are intermediate and one is advanced), and 3 of the 10 easy projects being suitable for beginners! YAY!

2 of the projects are crocheted and the rest are knitted - plus there's lots of smaller projects that only take 1 x cake of the new Chic-Unique DK, and tops that only take 2 cakes - making it really affordable! :-) x

As you can see from the pics - there are lots of ideas here. All made with the self striping totally squidgy giant whirls of Chic-Unique DK yarn in various different colour ways. Because of the unique structure of this yarn, every outcome is always different and unique! (Making it look like you're really clever with your colour work. It also goes a long way - eg you can get a hat AND wrist warmers out of 1 x 200g giant whirl of Chic Unique, which we have in all the delightful colourways ) xx Recommended xx

Quantities Required of Chic Unique Giant Whirls : 

Jumper : 1-3 balls depending on size

Headband and Handwarmers : 1 ball

Short Jumper : 2 balls

Crochet Cardigan : 3-4 balls depending on size

Crochet Headband and Scarf : 1 ball

Balaclava : 1 ball

Mittens : 1 ball

Slipover Tank : 1 or 2 balls

Headband and Snood : 1 ball

Jacket : 2 or 3 balls

Shawl : 1 ball

Jumper : 2 or 3 balls

Hat / Scarf : 1 ball

Poncho / Shrug : 2 balls

Slipover sleeveless vest (adult) : 2 balls

Kids hat and wrist warmers : 1 ball